The camera you use on your smart phone has to be a spectacular one. If you are not using the phone as a camera, you are not interested in updating the camera app either. But, you should take necessary precautions to update the app on the smart phone you have to have a best shot. But, the more camera apps approach the playstore the more they contain some special features. If you are not aware of those apps, these 04 camera apps will help you to choose a fine app in the playstore.

HD Camera

This app has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users in the world. There are some great features that you cannot see on a camera app in the playstore. Above all, this app doesn’t contain any limitation to the clips or photos you take. If you have a proper memory, HD Camera app will let you to record as much as you want. White balancing feature has been added under different backgrounds such as Auto, Fluorescent, white, daylight, cloudy weather conditions. Also, HD Camera app works for both front and rear cameras. Separate options have been introduced for those cameras as well. Additionally, you can insert the details of the recording place. It means that you have to expend some of the battery to find your location as well as. Another impressive thing this app has is the ability to take panoramic photos. It allows you to have a wide range of shot. If you are going to take a panoramic photo, you phone will have to have gyro sensor as well. There is a perfect user interface for this app that can be easily managed. This app can be downloaded for android 4th version or higher versions. As this app has got a simple but a clean design, any lagging cannot be seen. Pictures can be snatched so smoothly with the app.  This app has got a 4.4 review from the customers who have downloaded this app. That value is a bit higher one when considering other apps’ ratings.

HD Camera 2020

This is another cool app that has got over 4 stars in the ratings.  This particular app has been downloaded by almost 27,000 users. The features for this app has made this app a special one indeed. Intelligent face detection feature allows you to free your hands from the manual focusing and this app is smart enough to save your time as well. It will either detect the faces or take the images as you wish. There are many scene modes as well as color styles that can be applied for the photos. Filters can be viewed well before the photos are to be captured. That is really a cool thing to do and it will save editing time as well.

Open Camera

This is another app on the playstore that can be used to capture your photos. There are premium options as well as simple but smooth options that can be used to capture images. Open Camera app has been downloaded by 163,000 users and has got a pretty decent rating. That value is 4.2 stars out of 5. If you are an android user, you will see that this rating is a decent value. The most important thing for app is not about just a thing, but all the features. Auto levels can be applied at the very beginning. So, you don’t have to edit and balance the colors. This app has the ability to take the pictures according to your response. Once you have made a noise, it will capture the images. If you set the noise “Cheese”, it will get the image in an instants after you mention that word. You have the ability to set auto timer, countdown, or voice countdown to take pictures. This feature is a rare one for other camera apps as well. Upside down photo feature has added a different effect to the photography. Also, you can have all other features that a regular camera app has such as GEO Tagging, adding tome, renaming, and effects. One of the most impressive things is the ability to capture panorama photos with the front camera. This app is extremely for free and No Ads is guaranteed by the developer.

Google Camera

This is another product presented by the Google Company. They have expanded their products and services and this is an example for that. Though this app has been downloaded by 450,000+, it has been able to get 3.8 star rating. That must be because of the Ads posted by the Google Company. All the features that need to be in a camera app contain in this app. It has got HDR+ with dual exposure controls, night sight, Super Res Zoom, Google Lens Suggestions, and Geo tagging as well. You should allow the permissions to have the best experience through this app.


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