Earth is an amazing thing in the universe. It has got several things that can be considered as not only the most important planet in this solar system but also the most important planet in the entire universe as much as the mankind knows. The thing you might not have though is that it is hiding many secrets. If we consider the entire life cycle of the Earth as a year, the length of its human activities is less than a minute in that entire year. Earth has seen many species living on her and their extinction too. Here are 05 mass extinctions on Earth so far.

Ordovician, 444 million years ago

This is considered as the earliest extinction that has been identified by the scientists. Carbon aging has measured the time back to 4444 million years back in time. Graptolites have been living in the ocean. They have been found as the fossils. However, it is believed that almost all the life forms had eradicated from Earth in that extinction event. The exact number is 86% of all the living creatures.  Increased CO2, elevated temperature, and some gases are believed to have caused this one.

Late Devonian, 375 million years ago

Trilobites are considered as the prominent species in this time on Earth.  They had a spiky armor around their bodies and they had not been longer than 5cm. Many theories have been revealed with their fossils and scientists are believing Trilobites had taken the blossom of the algal in the ocean. Also, it is said that these creatures had released nutrients into the ocean allowing other sea creatures to evolve in the ocean. Rising of the ocean might have triggered them vanishing from Earth.  It is believed that 755 of the life forms have extinct from the planet during this period.

End Permian, 251 million years ago

This vanishing point is considered as one of the costliest the Earth had to tolerate as 96% of the species had disappeared from Earth in this period.  It is called as “The great dying” or the deadliest extinction of all time.  A cataclysmic cause or a sudden increase of Carbon Dioxide are believed to be the reason for this incident. But, some scientists state a great storm might have caused this event. Corals had been a significant feature in this time and they also have gone along with other species.

End Triassic, 200 million ago

This is such a costly event happened on earth. 80% of the live forms had vanished in this extinction. A Paleontologist fossil was discovered in Scotland and many hidden points could be revealed thanks to this fossil. Any clear cause has not been found yet.

End Cretaceous, 66 million years ago

Ammonites had been one of the species that had lived on earth around this period. It is said that they had been eaten by a predating species as well. Volcanic activities and climatic fluctuations had wiped out this prominent species along with other creatures from Earth.


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