Moon, our only companion for a long time has been giving its shade for many occasions. Since Earth’s birth, moon has been seeing many things. Moon was in the sky during the childhood celebrating that moment and it is even in this time when Earth is going to be an older one. It’s confirmed that Moon will be in sky seeing Earth’s death as well. Here are 07 facts you must be thrilled to know about Earth.

Earth’s only natural satellite

As the satellite theory states, one object in an enough distance far from earth could be located for any time period until the satellite decides to change its course. This theory is applicable to moon, the only natural satellite in the sky. Moon is considered as the 5th largest natural satellite in this solr system where earth is located. When the mass compared to the related planet, moon is the largest one in the solar system.

Second Densest satellite

Moon is the second natural satellite that scientists have been able to measure some basic information like density. Densities have been reveled and it is said that Moon can be placed on Northern America when considering its matter. The first densest natural satellite was Jupiter’s satellite, Lo.

Same face forever

You might not that Earth has been showing its face for billion years. It has never shown its back nor other part of its body.  Main reason for this is its synchronous rotation with earth. Even though what part of the world you live, you get to see the same part of Moon until the day you die or may be the day Earth will die. However, Moon has been compromised and all the parts have been photographed thanks to artificial satellites and other sources.

It’s not dark

Moon is a dark object to the distance. It’s grade 03 science to know that it has got its glowing thanks to the sun. What you don’t know is that the surface on moon is extremely dark. There is not any particular way to get the light. If you stay a night on moon, you will have to take a torch with you.

It is getting away

Moon is trying to get away from our planet. It has been found that moon is getting 3.8cm per year. There may be some reasons behind with the gravity for sure. Scientists guess that can be due to solar system’s errors as well. So, Earth will have to face different problems with the things of its own. High tide & low tide, temperature distribution, seasons and many things will be among them.

How it was made

There are few theories behind this story. The most famous and the accepted theory states that a rock the size of Mars had smashed on to Earth and it was thrown and kept in the place where it is now.  It has passed 4.5 Billion years since that incident and Moon is the victim for that incident. So, it can be the beginning of all the story as well.


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