If you are thinking to surprise your best friend at his wedding, birthday party, high school party, or at any occasion you will need something better than a hug. You can use the latest technology to surprise him as well as treat him for his values. Here are the best 03 ways that you can surprise your best friend thanks to the technology.

Vaonis Stellina portable smart telescope

This device is very responsive for your friend who is interested in planets, moons, and anything related with the space. The portable Vaonis Stellina portable smart telescope, in the size of a briefcase, is capable of showing the distant space. This device is really worth buying for galaxy level photography. You will have to weigh 12kg if you decide to take this Vaonis Stellina portable smart telescope with you.

Bose Audio Sunglasses

 This is not just a sunglass that can only save you from UV. This sunglass can do multiple tasks addition to save you from the sunrays.  Bose Audio Sunglasses can provide you the ability to listen to the music, answer phone calls, and they can even assist you to access the apps like Spotify, Skype or Google Maps. So, this device is from future for sure when considering its premium options. If you are interested about this cool, you will be able to buy for $200 from Amazon.

Pocketalk Voice Translator

If you are a frequent traveller, this device will leave you lots of things the Pocketalk Voice Translator is capable of translating more than 70 languages in the world. What you need to do is to speak to the pocket translator and then it will translate your words into any language you want. There is nothing you have to worry regarding the compatibility as the microphones are working very impressively to avoid the loss of any words.


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