Samsung Company has always been the pioneer for introducing electronic items for the market. They have been supplying not only the smart phone options but the electronic items as well. Smarter options are more popular than anything in the market. If you go to the market, you will see that there are lots of brands marketing smart word for their products. If you are interested in smarter items in the marketing field, Samsung will be the first thing you need to know. Because there are lots of items released and sold in the the market under this badge. First of all it’s always so good to remember that smartphone concept was brought into the field by Samsung Company after the Apple. Though they had faced lots of troubles with their products in the early time of previous decade, they started to rethink the way they were heading and at present, they have become one of the best companies in the world that has a permanent customer base. The time Samsung Company raised was a time that Nokia like highest standard companies used to fail. Samsung Company used other options except smartphones to reach to the place where they are now. It’s not a secret anymore to anyone. It’s worth paying attention to their latest smarter options released for their customers in 2019.

SmartThings Cam

This canera allows you to bring a feeling like you feel you are at home though you are the other part of the world. This is a distinguished item in the market like all other smarter options given to you by Samsung Company. This Camera is an important one to you whenever you are not home. Aloowing you to have a look at the things at your home, SmartThings Cam has your protection for your entire family. This SmartThings Cam is capable of any intruder who is looking to get into your house. Setting up is just few steps and it has made the whole devise a smarter one. SmartThings Cam always looks forward to deliver you HD images to make sure you are seeing your home at best. 1080p HD video is just a part of the entire process. You are given the access to all the noises, voices, and any other thing at your home. It has a night vision view system which lets you to have a look at your home whenever you are far away from your home. If you are away from a network, that won’t be a thing you have to worry as all the data of the camera is stored on the cloud server. So, you can have the access to the server whenevere you have enough network accessible facilities.

SmartThings Bulb

SmartThings Bulb is a latest thing released by Samsung. This is also a part of the entire SmartThings family and you can setup this as just a bulb. There are lots of smarter options for this bulb and they will amaze you. Having worked with your smartphone is such a thing this SmartThings Bulb has. Smartphone is not the only thing you can control the Bulb. You can use either your tablet or PC to have the access to this SmartThings Bulb. Functioning as well as the structure of the SmartThings Bulb has been designed according to the perfect manuals letting you to save money. It can save up to a considerable amount of money per year because of the efficiency standard this bulb has gained. The app allows you to monitor the functioning as well as the efficiency of the bulb. There are multiple options you can have to control the bulb. Not only switching on and off, but also you can have dim lights for an occasion using this app. Home automation of SmartThings Bulb is always a perfect and a reliable design you can have for your home. You can buy this item for just $10 from their website.

The SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug

The SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug is another best thing made for your home. It works as a regular plugging space and it allows you to have some premium options that can only be seen in a luxury item. The SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug can be used to functions like turning on and off the lamps, switching small electrical items, and turn of the devices from just a command you give from a distance. You can combine smart plugs and have an automated smart room with an instance with the aid of this device. This smart device is compatible with Compatible with Bixby, Google Assistant and Alexa and if you use one of them, it will be so great to use one of these. You just simply plug your device to the plug and it will be the only thing you can do related with this device. Then you will be able to do the handling as the way you want. This device is designed to maximize the use of the space at your home which allows you to manage all the space in an efficient manner. You have the safety at its best, along the trust of Samsung SmartThings.

SmartThings Hub

SmartThings Hub is also called the brain at your home because of many reasons. If you have lots of SmarThings at your home, this will be such a necessary design you should keep with you. You can monitor the functioning of the devices you have, from any place of the world. You have the ability to place this device at any place. The Hub comes in a good shape and it has a look of a premium and a luxury item in the market. SmartThings Hub assures you a smarter home with the coordination of all the devices at your home. IF you have several smart devices, this device will be able to connect them in a short time. One single app is needed to do the task and it comes in a user friendly interface as well. This SmartThings Hub is also considered as a device that can be used to function from opening the door to switching the bulb actions. You will have to pay $70 to buy this smarter brain for your home.


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