There are lots of plugins for any kind of software for a better experience. The things you need to know is getting increased when you have to use those things more than the previously. It is common for a browser like Firefox Browser as it is being used by millions of people in the world. The best thing the Mozilla Firefox is the ability use plugins to enhance your browsing experience. Here are few of the best plugins for your Mozilla Firefox browser.


This is a plugin that can be used to customize a web page as the way you want. You can add many changes to the web page you visit. If you want to change the color scheme, you will be able to do it without any hesitation. There are many scripts in the internet that can be used to apply changes for the web pages.  You can even change the functionality of any webpage as you want. The thing you need is the GreaseMonkey!

 Dark Reader

This is a graphically improved plugin for those who love applying darker themes for their color schemes. If you want to add several changes for your favorite website, this plugin will assist you to do it. You don’t have to make changes as there is a setting from th plugin to auto-generate themes. Then you can simply apply them to your website.


This plugin is a useful one to you, if you have a huge career on social media as it ca save any memory in an instant. There are some jave scipts on the internet tha prevents you from saving the picture. But, this plugin helps you to save the image or any place as an instant screen shot. You don’t have to go and find thirdparty websites to save the image. You can either save directly or edit-save the image.


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