As you know the best virtual assistant is Sir for the iOS devices. If you have had an iPhone, you must have found out that Siri is a best feature on the phone as it helps you to have a great experience all along with the phone or the device you use. If you are expecting to expand that experience with its margins, this article will help you for sure as there are many things that are mysteries for Apple users. These hidden features will not just impress you, but make an influence on the attraction for the Apple brand as well.

Make reservations

You don’t have to connect or sign in to the website of your favorite restaurant or five star hotel to make reservations as it can be done using Siri, your trusted partner. It will use open table and check if there is any room you to make an appointment for a given time. This will save lots of your time and, it will be a greatest experience for you. Just imagine, if you can reserve an appointment in a restaurant over a voice command, you will feel it like having your own assistant with you.  After making the reservation you will be notified and you can continue your work since then as well.

Apps with Siri

Siri allows you to make contact with the apps on your phone as there is an option featured by Siri to function as the way you need to make contact with the apps on your phone. You won’t have to flip your screen multiple times and search the app to be in touch with you because of the Siri’s involvement. What you have to do is to ask Siri to open the app you want. There are multiple options you have got as well. They are to remove an app, install an app from appstore, and close an app. These choices have added a value to your phone as well as to Siri. If you just need to install twitter on your iOS, you just have to ask Siri to “Install Siri”. It will be done in an instant.

Ask Siri to read emails for you

This feature has been created only on purpose of saving your valuable time. Because, there will be millions of emails on your email account. You have to use either your installed app or the mobile browser to reach to your email account. But, Siri can log into your account with an instant. If you need to find an email for you, it will be just few words away thanks to Siri. You can sort out the email by many ways. You can use date, title, sender, or subject to reach to the mail that is going to be searched by you. If you are neither interested in opening the email nor reading, you will be able to ask Siri to read it for you. If you want to read it by yourself, Sir will leave it to you once you tap the screen.

Siri is a calculator as well

This is a hidden quality Siri has. Most of the people are not aware of Siri’s this ability. Siri can perform any calculation you want. If you need to calculate a list of transactions, Siri will be do it with less efforts. You need to have the basic but keen knowledge of the calculations as less knowledge of you may cause a difference of the results. Because, there has to be the correct sequence in giving commands to Siri. Once you are done with the calculations, you will be able to have a look at the things have gone.

Master conversations with Siri

Siri is a nice companion to master the conversations as well. Even though they are related with mass, capacity, length, or any other thing, Siri will perform the conversation within a shortest time period. One thing for sure can be told, it will never take time as long as you do it with the phone. What you need to say the conversation in the correct order. If you are good and fast enough, Siri will do it quick too. Also, you can either save it or share it with anyone, if you are interested.  

Date with Siri

It doesn’t mean you are going out with Siri for a diner because you are taking SIri everywhere with you. If you need to know about dates, Siri will say anything related with dates. If you need to know how many days are there, between the 1st of January to 24th of December, Siri will be your assistant to do so. Not only telling about the dates, you will be able to check if there is anything special among those dates as well. What you just have to do is to awake Siri and give him the matter. Asking about the days, how long has it passed since you were born, will be a shock if you do so.

Setting up with Siri

This will be fine thing you can be happy with Siri as this was not available on previous iOS versions. This feature allows you to manage the settings in an instant. There will be thousands of switches for settings. If you are worrying to find the settings for your need, it will take some time to be done as it’s a bit confusion t find a setting on the phone. But, thanks to Sir, you will be able to change the settings with just few words. If you need to turn off Bluetooth on your phone, it will be enough to say “Turn off Bluetooth”. It will have been done right after you said. Whenever you need to open the settings of an app, you can do it with the help of Siri. You can just ask Siri to open the settings of the app you want to change. Then it will be all done. You have the ability to enter to the settings by just saying “Settings” just after the Siri appeared on the display.


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