There are bunch of apps on the stores that can be downloaded either for free or subscriptions. You will have to check the status of those apps after they were downloaded. Most of them can be used for communication and the rest is sacrificed for the entertainment. Even though you are going to find an idea from the reviews and ratings, even they cannot say much.  So, here are some best entertainment apps that can be downloaded for your phone without any doubt.

Messenger Lite

This is one of the official Facebook messenger apps. This one is considered to be the lightest one for your smart phone. The app is simple and reliable. It just shows a notification whenever you receive a message. You have the ability to send messages in an instant. Even though you need to make a call, the app will facilitate that also. If you need to avoid so much features, Messenger Lite will enlighten you for sure.


This app is a great one to remind you things without interrupting to the thing you are doing at the moment. This is not a typical app that rings like an alarm clock or a noise that bashes your ear drums. The notifications appear as shadows and you will be able to see them just after tapping on them.  You can add a longer text for the notification as well. That’s a benefit you get. It means that you can add even a message received from a friend.

Enlight Photofox

As it is stated, this app is a nice one to edit your photos. There are lots of apps that can be used to edit the pictures. But, this app can cut the parts very smoothly. That can be considered as a basic feature of this app. You will have the ability to work with raw image files as well.  If you are an amateur photographer, this app will take you to the extra mile you need.


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