It’s fortune-telling for your beloved German Shepherd…. Your active, intelligent, and loyal dog is going to enjoy a cheerful mood and health now. It’s because we’ve got you the best German Shepherd dog house to meet his rest and safety needs.

You’ll succeed to get an ideal one right now. The reason is, we’ve not only reviewed the dog houses for your GSD but also got a brief guide to choosing an ideal kennel for your particular chew dog.

So, what you’re to do now? It’s sparing you 10-15 minutes to learn and earn a comfortable house for your German shepherd by reading our guide. Let’s explore which one is for your dog.

How we’ve Reviewed the German Shepherd Dog House

“Oh, it’s not the one I wanted!!!” You might feel disappointed, looking at the doghouse when your only need is to keep your GSD safe in the kennel. The reason is, you overlook certain factors that could make a good purchase.

We’ll discuss the key things we’ve considered while reviewing the best dog house for a German Shepherd. These points will also help you with finding a comfy gift for your deserving GSD.

  • On average GSD is 30-40 kg, and 24-26 inches tall. Thus, the doghouse for German Shepherd size 42-48 inches will fit fo your GSD in.
  • A crate that is easy to bend or eat is no less than trouble, for it can affect your GSD’s behaviour negatively. Therefore, the durability and strength of the material and product have been necessary for our selection.
  • You can easily fall in love with a dog, but to turn it into a family member you need to train your GSD with the right crate. If your GSD is senior, you can buy a crate for your grown-up dog, keeping your experience with the last kennel in view.
  • Your dog can love a kennel with max visibility, or a darker one with good ventilation to enjoy a sound sleep. So, our dog house picks also include your dog’s social and comfort needs.
  • The health-friendly material is highly desirable, when you want a dog house, especially for your GSD. So, we’ve kept the health-friendliness of the materials also in view.
  • Ease of Cleanliness and maintenance﹘ you can’t neglect. Therefore, we’ve considered especially how easy it’ll be for you to keep your German Shepherd’s house tidy.

Our Expert pick the Best Doghouse for your German Shepherd

Now you’ve known what standards we’ve met to bring you among the most wanted german shepherd dog houses for sale. Let’s explore which one is for your dog….

1. Life Stages LS-1636DD Double Door 36″ Folding Crate

german shepherd dog house

Spend the money and get unlimited peace of mind …Life Stages’ Ls -13 DD has got first place in our search for a German Shepherd dog house for proving itself worth buying. No matter if you own a small pup or a bulky calm GSD, Life stage’s LS-13DD folding crate with a wide variety of sizes and a divider is an excellent choice.

Among the metal wire mesh crates, the foldable cage is eminent for its sound structure and sturdiness. The non-toxic material coating makes the kennel quite safe for the health of your dear GSD. Coming with two large doors with double locks, it helps you with an easy cleaning process. The very doors also aid you to get your dog out of the cage in case of emergency. Life Stages’ crate has got a heavy-duty slide-lock latch system. Thus, the bolt system ensures the safety of your GSD by minimizing the escape risk. In the same way, a stoppable, corrosion-free plastic pan is also effortless to clean.

Setup in seconds—just unfold and structure and follow a few assembly steps. Thus, the crate is also easy to carry with your trips to help your GSD enjoy its own living space anywhere. As the kennel comes with a divider, you can use it over years for the puppyhood of your GSD until it grows up as a heavy-weight guy. Hence, it doubles the value of your investment into the quality kennel.

Arrrggghhh!!! You’ll never love to listen. Therefore, the crate has got rolling feet by the manufacturer to stop the sound of grating metals on the floor.


  • Durable
  • Non-toxic surface
  • Also serves travelling needs
  • Quick set up


  • Flimsy dividers
  • Chewable plastic pan

2. PUPZO Heavy Duty Dog Crate Pet Kennel Strong Steel

PUPZO Heavy Duty Dog Crate Pet Kennel

It’s time to get this strong, unchewable, heavy-duty kennel for your super active German Shepherd. Available in two different sizes of 38 inches and 42 inches is an ideal choice for your average-sized GSD. The price of the product is heavy on your pocket. Yet it’s what you pay for meeting the level of your satisfaction. The reason is its Carbon steel material to give it extra durability.

Built with a rust proof coating, the dog cage is perfect to fight weather and moisture. Speaking of the sizes and dimensions of the doghouse, they’re great to let your GSD stand and roll inside the cage. Similarly, the doorway is quite wide to help an easy entrance and exit. Since the four-wheel dog house has nice movability, you can take it into the backyard or indoors easily. The lockable wheels allow the movement of your active German Shepherd dog inside the kennel.

The price of the product is heavy on your pocket. Yet, it’s what you pay for meeting the level of your satisfaction. Getting PUPZO’s heavy-duty kennel really demands careful assembly. It’s tricky—you might get frustrated if you go unplanned. Therefore, we’ll advise you to screw nuts and bolts without getting angry. Cleanliness is essentially a dominant concern. Two moveable, plastic grates, let you clean all the rubbish in no time. If you get this crate for your GSD, warmth is what it’ll be missing. So, we’ll advise you to put a quality floor mat inside the cage.


  • Strong and unchewable material
  • Non-toxic surface
  • Rust resistance
  • Ease of shifting indoor or outdoor


  • Issue with Assembly
  • Chewable plastic tray

3. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Escape proof—when they say, they mean it! The reason is high quality galvanized steel that makes it perfect for your anxious dog. Until you get an extraordinarily anxious dog, the German Shepherd dog house is the fittest choice to let you enjoy leisure, keeping your GSD safe and sound for hours. Rolling sound of wheels isn’t loveable for your ears. So, the cage by SMONTER has got silent bearing, 30-degree removable rubber wheels. Hence, you can also move the crate indoor or outdoor or fix it in any corner.

The manufacturer’s value that comfortable installation occupies your brain whenever you think to get a crate for your GSD. Therefore, a few-bolts- screwing-setup guarantees a quick installation. As the crate is available in different sizes to meet the space needs of your GSD. The availability of the pet cage with three different colours: silver, black, and brown allows you to compliment your interior aesthetic. The manufacturers claim the 100% safety of your pet. Yet, it’s only because of the strange and non-toxic material and its construction.

Lock systems can be unreliable to keep their Houdini hound GSD in check. Double door system: top and side door helps you pick or interact with your dog in case of sickness. For cleaning, the crate is comfortable to clean. You can remove its plastic pan, wipe or wash it, and restore it in its place. Though not worthy, you can come across unground sharp edges. So, we’ll advise you to check the cage first.


  • Affordable
  • Strong
  • Non-toxic durable material
  • Ease of set up
  • For indoor and outdoor usage


  • Trays are not as sturdy as the crate is.
  • Sharp edges

4. AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Stackable Pet Kennel with Tray

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Stackable Pet Kennel

Manufactured by Amazon under the name of Amazon Basic, the crates have got brilliant success from Amazon because of their availability in 3 sizes for the larger dogs up to 100 lb. Thus the cage is a superb choice for a moderately active and larger dog. However, it might not suffice for the super active dog, which is anxious most of the time. The reason is, it’s strong but not heavy-duty welded wire material.

The material of the kennel is iron and PP, which offers an average strength, unlike real heavy-duty kennels. Thus, it’s suitable for big but peaceful dogs. Though the welds in construction fairly equalize a lasting crate, yet the wires themselves are bendable. Hence, crate means not to be for an abusive dog. The dog house has two doors to let your dog and you approach the interior. The top opening allows you access to your dog to meet its rest and feeding needs besides any unwelcoming situation. The crate has also got secure portability and placement with lockable wheels.

If you’ve got over one dog, the stackable design of the cage allows you space management. Thus, you can place one cage over the other with little worry. The German Shepherd dog house is quite easy to install and collapse. Thus, you can store the unit when you don’t need it. The pull out tray makes the crate special for your GSD. How? Besides helping you with comfortable cleanliness, the tray also serves for flooring needs. Thus, your pet enjoys a smooth floor. Overall, the kennel is good for your German shepherd grown-up dog when it’s already trained with comparatively cool behaviour.


  • Durable material
  • String welds
  • Quick setup and compact storage
  • Moveable tray


  • Lacks smooth finishing
  • Bendable wires

5. unhg Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Metal Dog Cage Kennel Crate 

best dog house for german shepherd

Nice to look at, this German Shepherd dog house for sale on Amazon is purely for your big dog of up to 90 pounds. However, the review will help you understand the product better before you buy it. The rust-resistant coating on the bars gives long-lasting durability to the cage. Hence, you can place the cage indoor or outdoor without caring about the moisture a lot. The non-toxic material makes it safe as a German Shepherd dog house.

The surface of the bars of the is slippery because of the coating and finishing. Thus, the flooring might not be comfortable for your pet, which can be a nightmare. So, we’ll advise you to use a pet flooring mat to prevent disturbance for your GSD and yourself. Mobility is a major concern when you’re a pet owner like GSD. Therefore, the cage has four rolling wheels to allow you portability. One side and one top door of the cage also helps with convenient access, both for the dog and the owner.

Installation of the kennel doesn’t demand mastery. Yet its hinges seem faulty and fragile because of the finishing material. The cage has got a Bayonet lock system to prevent any escape from your escape master. It’s what we like the most about this product because you can also put a mini padlock. For cleanliness needs, you find two trays installed under the flooring bars. Yet, the very slippery finishing on the cage makes the trays fall with a slight movement. So, you must figure out some fixed placement.


  • Durable and quality stainless steel bars
  • portable
  • Easy setup and compact storage
  • Bayonet lock system


  • Extra smooth slippery finishing
  • Trays fall of
  • Slippery flooring

6. Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door

doghouse for german shepherd

The outdoor plastic dog house by Suncast is a superb choice when you want to provide rest to your backyard active dog. The plastic material with epoxy coating suffices to fight the wear and tears of weather. The outdoor dog house has the sole purpose of saving your dog from rain. Moreover, The room inside the kennel is excellent for your medium-sized GSD.

You can set up the dog house in no time, and the assembly requires no additional headache on your part. Tus, you just need to receive and install it in a few minutes. The plastic material also allows you washable cleanliness. Hence, you really find it a joy with cleanliness. Similarly, the removable top also helps you keep the pet house neat and clean. The resin material makes the kennel hot in summer. So, we’ll advise you to insulate the dog house. Thus, it will be equally comfortable for your dog in winters and summers.

As an outdoor dog house for your large-sized German Shepherd. The kennel has got a beautiful design. Therefore, you love to put it on your lawn for its beauty. When you receive the package, the lightweight material might seem a bit flimsy, which is of no worry. Soon, you’ll be happy with this outdoor sheltering purchase. In short, the outdoor dog house is a pleasant choice to meet your highly active GSD’s rest needs during the activity. That’s why we call it a sheltering house, not a dog house.


  • Durable Vinyl material
  • Water-resistant epoxy coating
  • Easy Assembly
  • Pocket friendly


  • Very lightweight
  • Not higher than the ground level

7. Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door

Suncast Outdoor Dog House

Pretty for your eyes, this outdoor, resin-based Suncast dog house has got the place among our found outdoor dog houses. The sheltering gear is a perfect choice for your larger GSD’s solace during the summers. The Epoxy coating on the dog house let it stand by the rain. So, really don’t worry when your lawn is wet and your dog is unwilling to join you indoors.

The beautiful design of this German Shepherd dog house makes it appear no less than a dollhouse in your garden. Thus, not only your GSD but his friend would also love to visit it when it rains. Speaking about the assembly of the doghouse, it’s as easy as ABC. Hence, as soon as you receive the product, you can install it in no time. You can set up the dog house in no time, and the assembly causes no additional headache on your part. Tus, you just need to receive and install it in a few minutes.

The dog house gives optimum levels of hygiene. The reason is that it’s simple to clean or wash. Just like Suncast’s other dog houses in winters, the shelter will require manual insulation. Here, we’ll recommend you to do insulation, for it will prevent the inside from getting hot during summers too.


  • Durable material
  • Water-resistant
  • Relaxed Assembly
  • Cheap


  • Too light to doubt the purchasing decision
  • Sits at the ground level

Final Thoughts

A dog master knows very well what his GSD needs. Still, to help you choose your best indoor or outdoor German Shepherd dog house, our primary guidelines and research will help you a lot. Here is a fact that you’ll agree—no house is perfect, for your GSD is unique. So, you can turn your best-chosen dog house into a perfect one by studying the other needs of your GSD. Some require floor mats, while others need insulation or extra locks. You can get your found dog house for your GSD. Which one is yours? Get by clicking the link…


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